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About Elaine

Elaine, born on Canada's prairies, relocated to the west coast as a young child with her family. Her second book, Put Your Hand in Mine is a book of the inner sea. Language, concept, and form alternate holding the depths. That broken diamond of sun on rough waters: she speaks egalitarian. That cool glass of viridian water just within the surface:  water daemons flit through meaning. Obeying the dictates of water, you are guided through a deep love of the world and all beings in it. It matters not, the pain, nor the broken flippers, nor the stings in old wounds. Reading this is a cleansing, a claim of survival against iron pleats of loneliness.

A glimpse of Elaine's poetry, artwork, and non-fiction is found in or forthcoming in Event Magazine, Otoliths, Sustenance, Veils, Halos, & Shackles, Prism International, The Elephants, Grain Magazine, Experiment-O, The Maynard, Loose Leaf, Arc Poetry, Carte Blanche, The Ottawa Newsletter, h&, and Megaphone Magazine.

Elaine is a contributor to Shy: An Anthology, which won an IPPY (Independent Book Publisher’s) silver medal in 2014. Her art song collaboration, “Night-time Symphony”, with Daniel Marshall won a Boston Metro Opera festival prize in 2013. She contributed to, V6A: Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, which was a finalist for the City of Vancouver’s Book Award in 2012.