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“After-school hours, my Thoughtful Spot,
shifted time and locale from Pooh Bear's

Enid Blyton, my hot chocolate adventure nanny;

Lewis Carroll, a Dali for my imagination,

Louisa May Alcott; Joplin-burn-architect of Jo:

these authors, my familial tribe.”

Cycling with the Dragon is a personal investigation of family,love, culture, self, and the helpless feeling of "smallness" by virtue of age or status. Elaine Woo opens a childhood journal to reveal secrets and emotions, ignoring the risk of judgment and the fear that “The air sprouts lips / screams, 'Ha ha ha'". Her poems take the form of the words that they speak: she forms an "o" for the buoy that is a child's safety-raft (found in the solitude of a notebook and Harriet the Spy), and weaves a poem about fearing snakes and dreams into a descending slither.

Later, her poems unfold the difficulties in communication among relatives close and far, and divulge the building stress of everyday housework and family life ("Your work is stress-free and serene. / Childcare? House care? / Easy, peasy....no dog eat dog"). Escape is found in writing, despite the words of others who tout that "writing
is just your hobby / not your real work".

Woo’s poems weave meaning with form. She presents contrasting ideas and expresses doubts through the design of her words, and ends with the thought: "I live in the mist / of whether love / is derailed / for me." Woo writes in a pastiche of diverse poetic voices who are small by virtue of age or status (be they women, children, ethnic minorities, the creatures of nature, or Gaia). Like tenacious seeds breaking through to reach the sun, to face an abusive parent, bullies, the pain of shyness, envy, or racists. But the plant growth hormones of a loving father, treasured authors and their words, the wilderness, and sometimes dreams and imagination, ultimately lead to survival.

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Put Your Hand in Mine

by Elaine Woo

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ISBN 978-1773240-47-3
92 pages


stuck in a well
water surface ripple-fraught chains of skimming ovals,
rotate: blocks alphabet of depression
daylight of idealism snuffed

crawling on my hands knees slipping

skidding along murky bottom until
a crack in the stonework
seeps in an idea:
rope up or down
live this present
not that
not then
or that apex future,
with each now this

This is a book of the inner sea. Language, concept, and form alternate holding the depths. That broken diamond of sun on rough waters: she speaks egalitarian. That cool glass of viridian water just within reach of the surface: water daemons flit through meaning. Obeying the dictates of water, Put Your Hand in Mine guides us through a deep love of the world and all beings in it. It matters not, the pain, nor the broken flippers, nor the sting in old wounds. Reading this is a cleansing, a claim of survival against iron pleats of loneliness.

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